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A. Bontemps Printing Corporate body
Ahunbay, Metin Person
Aleksova, Blaga Person
Alexander, Margaret A. Person
Alexander, Robert L. Person
Allen, Fred Person
Allen, Jelisaveta S. Person
Altemus, F.B. Person
Amateur Cinema League Corporate body
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Corporate body
American Council of Learned Societies Corporate body
American Institute of Architects Corporate body
American Philosophical Society Corporate body
Amt, Richard Person
Anastos, Milton V. Person
Anderegg, Fred Person
Anderson, Richard Person
Andersson, Stig L. Person
Andreescu, Irina Person
Angst, Edwin Person
Antoniadi, Eugène Michel Person
Archaeological Institute of America Corporate body
Architectural Forum Magazine Corporate body
Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Corporate body
Arnas, Özger Person
Artamonoff, Nicholas V. Person
Atabay, Ercüment Person
Atatürk, Mustafa Kemal Person
Athēnagoras I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Person
Ayrton, Edward Russell Person
Bageris, John Person
Baglia, Lucy Person
Baker, Arthur Person
Ballou, Hosea Person
Balmori, Diana Person
Bandy, Anastasius C. Person
Barclays Bank Limited Corporate body
Barker, Oliver L. Person
Barrett, John D. Person
Barry, Iraida Viacheslavovna Person
Bellinger, Louisa Person
Belting, Hans Person
Benois, Albert A. Person
Beşlemez, Şinasi Person
Betsch, William Earl Person
Bey, Adli Person
Biebel, Franklin M. Person
Bilfinger, Fritz Person
Bird, Charles S. Person
Birge, John Kingsley Person
Birtürk, Yavuz Person
Bittel, Kurt Person
Blake, Robert Pierpont Person
Bliss, Mildred Barnes Person
Bliss, Robert Woods Person
Bloch, Herbert Person
Bonajuto, Fanny Person
Bond, Elizabeth Powell Person
Bonner, Campbell Person
Bowen, Jr., Richard LeBaron Person
Boyd, Susan A. Person
Breccia, Evaristo Person
Breese, Allan Person
Bréhier, Louis Person
Brennan, J.M. Person
Brown University. Department of Religious Studies Corporate body
Brown, Donald Frederic Person
Brown, Ethel Isadore Person
Brown, John Nicholas Person
Buckler, Rita W. Person
Burk, Charlotte Kroll Person
Burton, James Person
Butler, Alfred J. Person
Butler, Lawrence Person
Byzantine Institute Library Corporate body
Byzantine Institute, Inc. Corporate body
Byzantinische Zeitschrift Corporate body
Caffery, Jefferson Person
California Palace of the Legion of Honor Corporate body
Canaday, Ward Murphey Person
Cao, Andy Person
Capes, J.L. Person
Carlson, Gail Person
Carp, Betty Person
Carpenter, Alberta S. Person
Carr, Annemarie Weyl Person
Caruana, Nicholas Person
Casey, Robert Pierce Person
Chacel, Fernando Magalhães Person
Chamberlain, Samuel Person
Chance, Jane Person
Chaput, Ernest Person
Charanis, Peter Person
Chodoff, David Person
Chookaszian, Levon B. Person
Clark, H.B. Person
Clère, J.J. Person
Coe, M. Person
Coffin, David R. Person
Columbia University Corporate body
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