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  • Zoe, Empress
  • Empress Zoe

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ca. 978 - 1050


Second daughter of Constantine VIII. Byzantine empress (with her sister Theodora) 21 April - 12 June, 1042. "As heiress of the Macedonian dynasty, Zoe was wed to Romanos III by her father. When Romanos found she was barren, he tolerated her affairs; rumor associated her with Constantine Artoklines and Constantine Monomachos, and she encouraged her lover, the future Michael IV, to drown Romanos. During Michael's reign, agents of John the Orphanotrophos watched Zoe closely; she was induced to adopt the future Michael V. After his accession, he determined to rid himself of her: on the night of 18/19 Apr. 1042 she was dispatched to a convent on Prinkipo (Princes᾽ Islands). During the ensuing uprising, she was recalled. The crowd in the Hippodrome, however, rejected her (20 Apr.). After Michael's fall, Zoe and Theodora ruled jointly; they abolished the sale of offices, raised many to the senate, and offered the people generous donatives. Zoe chose Constantine IX Monomachos as her third husband. During his reign, she died..." -Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium


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VIAF: http://viaf.org/viaf/216215717/

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