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Genealogies (histories)
  • Accounts or histories of the descent of persons, families, or other groups, from an ancestor or ancestors; enumerations of ancestors and their descendants in the natural order of succession.
Geometric patterns
Glass (material)
God, Hand
Gold leaf
Grain (seed)
  • General term for the small, hard seeds of various species in different genera of the grass family Poaceae, used as cereal plants, such as wheat, rice, corn, rye, or oats.
Grape (berry fruit)
Graphite (mineral)
  • Excavations in the earth used for burial of a deceased human, sometimes of animals; for constructions raised over or around burial sites, use "tombs."
Groined vaults
Group portraits
Guards troops
  • Names of military or para-military units bearing the title Guards or its equivalents
Guesthouses (dwellings)
  • Separate residences for guests, particularly when on a private estate or monastery and maintained specifically for receiving visitors.
Haggai, the Prophet
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Half figures
  • Representations of persons down to the waist only.
Halos (glories)
  • Glories that comprise a circle, disk, series of lines, or rays of light with which the head of the sacred personage is surrounded.
Hands (animal components)
  • In the composition of pages, matter set apart from the text as a title or a summary of the text that follows.
Heads (animal components)
  • The anterior parts of the body of humans and animals containing the mouth, special sense organs such as the eyes, nose, and ears, and the brain; typically separated by a neck or otherwise distinguished from the rest of the body.
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Hebrews three: In fiery furnace
Herbaceous border
Hermagoras of Aquileia: Scene, consecration
Herod I, King of Judea
High Priest: Simeon of Jerusalem
Historiated capitals
  • A capital that is decorated with figures of animals or humans, used either alone or combined with foliage. Used frequently in Romanesque architecture.
Historiated initials
  • Initials containing scenes or figures germane to the text.
Historic sites
Holy precincts
Holy Spirit
Holy women: At sepulcher
Hosea, the Prophet
  • Screens in Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches that separate the sanctuary from the nave, usually pierced by three doors and, since the 14th or 15th century, covered with icons.
Icons (devotional images)
  • In general meaning, images that portray a sacred entity and that are themselves regarded as sacred. In specific meaning, the term is typically used particularly for Christian images produced in the Eastern Rite churches, since the 6th century, according to prescribed formulas of subject (Christ, the Virgin, saints, and the great feasts) and composition, for devotional use in the church or home. Most commonly comprising tempera on panel, but they may be in any two-dimensional or relief medium, including fresco. Christians who venerate icons make the distinction between veneration and worship, although in actual practice the distinction is blurred. For a non-Christian image that is sacred or embodies a deity, use
Icons, Russian
Illuminated manuscripts
Illumination of books and manuscripts, Byzantine
Illuminations (painting)
Illuminations (visual works)
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Imperial portrait
  • Projecting members, often molded, on which the ends of an arch rest.
Initials (layout features)
  • The first letter of a text or section of text when it is emphasized, usually by making it significantly larger than the following text.
Injury (medical condition)
  • The condition of a person or animal having a bodily wound, hurt, sore, or loss.
Inlay (process)
  • Any process by which small pieces of one material are inserted into a larger piece of another so as to create a design.
Innocents: Massacre commanded
  • Words, texts, lettering, or symbols marked on a work, including texts, legends, documentation notes, or commemoration.
Instruments of Passion
Interior views
Interlocking circles
Isaac, Patriarch
Isaac: Birth
Isaiah, the Prophet
Ishmael: Birth
Islands (landforms)
  • Landforms smaller than a continent, completely surrounded by water at high water. Islands appear in oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers.
Isometric projections (images)
  • Refers to drawings, or works in another medium, created by isometric projection, which is a projection in which all three spatial axes are equally inclined to the plane of projection or drawing surface.
Jacob, Patriarch
Jacob: Sending sons to Egypt
Jacob: Shown coat of Joseph
Jacob: Sons return from Egypt
  • Deep, wide-mouthed vessels used for holding a variety of substances, usually without handles and generally cylindrical, although sometimes made in other shapes.
Jeremiah, the Prophet
  • Ornaments such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings, of precious or semiprecious materials worn or carried on the person for adornment; also includes similar articles worn or carried for devotional or mourning purposes.
Joachim and Anna: At golden gate
Joel, the Prophet
John Baptist: Baptizing
John Baptist: Bearing witness
John II Comnenus
Jonah, the Prophet
Joseph the Carpenter: Dream I
Joseph, Son of Jacob
Joseph: Accused by Potiphar's wife
Joseph: Accused by Potiphar’s wife
Joseph: As interpreter of dreams
Joseph: As interpreter of dreams, fulfillment
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