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Chandeliers (hanging lights)
Channels (water bodies)
Chapels (rooms or structures)
Chariots (ancient vehicles)
Children (people by age group)
Choirs (church spaces)
  • Uthemann, Karl-Heinz, Alexander Kazhdan, and Nancy Patterson Ševčenko. "Christ." In The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium. : Oxford University Press, 1991. http://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/acref/9780195046526.001.0001/acref-9780195046526-e-1048.
  • Index of Christian Art
Christ and four beasts
Christ Child
Christ Hyperagathos
Christ Pantokrator
Christ, Virgin Mary and John Baptist
Christ: Among doctors
  • Christ seated in temple, and found by parents.
Christ: Appearing to holy women
Christ: Ascension
Christ: Baptism
Christ: Before Pilate
Christ: Betrayal and arrest
Christ: Bidden to marriage at Cana
Christ: Communion
Christ: Crucifixion
Christ: Crucifixion
Christ: Deposition
Christ: Ecce homo
Christ: Elkomenos
Christ: Entry into Jerusalem
Christ: Flight into Egypt
Christ: Harrowing of hell
Christ: in Mandorla
Christ: Last Judgment
Christ: Last Supper
Christ: Last Supper
Christ: Led to Cavalry
Christ: Meeting Samaritan woman
Christ: Meeting Zaccheus
Christ: Meeting Zaccheus
Christ: Ministered to by angels
Christ: Miracle of Bethesda pool
Christ: Miracle of Cana
Christ: Miracle of draught of fishes by Gennesaret
Christ: Miracle of healing blind born
Christ: Miracle of healing blind men two
Christ: Miracle of healing demoniac, blind and dumb
Christ: Miracle of healing dropsical man
Christ: Miracle of healing leper
Christ: Miracle of healing man with withered hand
Christ: Miracle of healing multitude
Christ: Miracle of healing paralytic
Christ: Miracle of healing Peter's wife's mother
Christ: Miracle of healing woman with issue
Christ: Miracle of loaves
Christ: Miracle of raising Lazarus
Christ: Miracle of stilling storm
Christ: Mocked
Christ: Nativity
Christ: Of sorrows
Christ: Presentation
Christ: Resurrection
Christ: Return from Egypt
Christ: Sending out apostles
Christ: Tarrying in Jerusalem
Christ: Temptation
Christ: Temptation, 1st
Christ: Temptation, 2nd
Christ: Temptation, 3rd
Christ: Transfiguration
Christ: Type, Emmanuel
Christ: Type, Pantocrator
  • Figure of Christ facing, right hand raised in blessing, left hand holding book.
Christ: Washing of feet
Christ: In Gethsemane
Chrysanthemum (genus)
Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople
Church towers
  • Towers attached to churches.
Churches (buildings)
Circles (plane figures)
Cisterns (plumbing components)
City gates
Cityscapes (representations)
Clement of Rome 2. Scene
Clement of Rome: Scene, celebrating mass
Clergy, Deacon 1. Portrait
Cloister gardens
  • Use chiefly for Medieval gardens, generally found in monasteries, often formally arranged with planters and boxed sections.
Coffee (food, dye)
Coffee roasters
Coins (money)
Collotypes (prints)
Color negatives
Color slides
Color transparencies
Column components
  • Parts or components of columns.
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