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  • Garments worn by priests or other ecclesiastics during divine service as appropriate to the rite and indicative of their hierarchical rank.
Vine scrolls
  • Trailing or twining plants, whose stems require support.
Virgin Blachernitissa
Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary 1. Portrait
Virgin Mary and Christ Child
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: In mandorla
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Blachernitissa
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Eleousa
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Hodegetria
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Nikopoios
Virgin Mary and Christ Child: Type, Suckling
Virgin Mary and Joseph: Taxed
Virgin Mary: Annunciation
Virgin Mary: Annunciation at spring
Virgin Mary: As Intercessor
Virgin Mary: Assumption
Virgin Mary: Birth
Virgin Mary: Calling of suitors
Virgin Mary: Death
Virgin Mary: Infancy
Virgin Mary: Journey to Bethlehem
Virgin Mary: Lamentation
Virgin Mary: Life in temple
Virgin Mary: Life in temple, fed by angel
Virgin Mary: Presentation
Virgin Mary: Scene, praying
  • People who have not had sexual intercourse; also, chaste, pious women accorded a special place in the Christian community, especially in the early church.
  • Masonry units that form an arch or vault.
Walking sticks
  • Sticks held in the hand and used for support in walking, especially as a fashionable and often ornamental accessory when taking a walk.
War horses
  • Those trained for or engaged in the physical combat of warfare, especially close hand-to-hand combat, and designated for or sanctioned in that function by the society or group for which they fight, irrespective of membership in an army.
Water (inorganic material)
Water tanks
  • Storage containers for water, ranging from large concrete tanks for storing drinking water to small porcelain tanks for storing water to flush a toilet.
Water tunnels
Weapons (3)
  • Implements or mechanisms used for defense or attack in combat, hunting, or war.
Weddings (ceremonies)
  • Ceremonies or rites joining a couple in matrimony, with its attendant festivities. For the state of marriage, use
Welfare services
Wells (structures)
  • Holes, pits, or other generally vertical excavations cored, bored, drilled, or otherwise constructed in the earth for purposes of drawing out various liquids, such as water, brine, or petroleum, or natural gas.
  • Designates wild and uncultivated regions that have been left untouched in a natural state by humans, with no human control or interference.
Window frames
Wings (animal components)
Women (female humans)
  • Refers to female human beings from young adulthood through old age.
Women saints
Woodwork (general works)
  • General term for visual works, parts of works, interior fittings of architecture, or other works made of wood.
Wool (hair material)
  • Refers especially to the fine, soft, curly hair or fleece of the sheep, but also refers to hair of the alpaca, vicuna, certain goats, and a few other animals.
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1939-1945
  • A sport in which two opponents grapple with each other in order to force the other to touch the ground with a part of the body other than the feet, or into a supine position for some amount of time. The term encompasses various styles.
Zacharias, the Priest
Zechariah, the Prophet
Zephaniah, the Prophet
  • Lines or bands composed of a series of chevrons.
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