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Navegar Materias Masonry (building materials)


  • 011
  • Image
  • 1939

Masonry and brickwork detail of a niche on the exterior facade of the outer ambulatory

Fenari Isa Camii, North church, drawing of south elevation

  • 004
  • Work
  • 1961 - 1964

Drawing is based on the architectural survey by James Stafford in 1961. Inscribed in colored pencil on verso: "Fenari Isa - own (?) plans"; accession number imprinted on verso: "1995.F2754."

Megaw, A. H. S. (Arthur Hubert Stanley)

Water channel

  • PH.BZ.010-045-022
  • Image
  • 1944

Close-up view of the water channel immediately south of Sancaktar Mescidi in Samatya

Artamonoff, N. V. (Nicholas Victor)


  • MS.BZ.012-02-03-05-021-003
  • Image
  • 1938

The middle round tower on the west wall of the court of the Tekfur Sarayi. The Wall of Manuel Comnenus is visible in the background.

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