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"Narthex, 1932", Hagia Sophia

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-02-02-507
  • File
  • 1932

Includes a photograph of Thomas Whittemore and the Byzantine Institute fieldworkers

"Interior", Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-02-01-496
  • File
  • 1934 - 1954

Photographs from Sebah & Joaillier and the Byzantine Institute with descriptions. Includes one photograph of Thomas Whittemore and the Byzantine Institute staff.

Byzantine Institute, Inc.

"Byzantina: Important Antiquities of Constantinople"

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-02-03-522
  • File
  • 1930

Thirty-one (31) illustrations of Kariye Camii in Istanbul, Turkey taken in December 1930. Published and illustrated by W. Sender and with texts written by Rev. Vitalien Laurent.

Sender, Ismail Von

Photographs of reproduction of St. John Chrysostom panel in Hagia Sophia

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-486
  • File
  • 1930 - 1949

Photographs are mounted in cardboard enclosures, each accompanied with a flysheet that indicates that the image is of a copy of the mosaic panel in Hagia Sophia, "Placed by Mrs. Crane in the Church of St. John Chrysostom in Chicago / In memory of ...

Photographs of Cyprus

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-187
  • File

Photographs of Kourion and Monagri in Cyprus by Richard Anderson.

Duplicate photographs of various sites

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-060/061/062/063/065
  • File

Photographs of fieldwork projects in Istanbul (e.g., St. Euphemia, Fethiye Camii, and Fenari Isa Camii); Bargala in Macedonia; Dibsi Faraj in Syria; Red Sea Monasteries in Egypt; various sites in Cyprus; preparatory prints for Arthur H. S. Megaw a...

Photographs of Macedonia

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-058
  • File

Site and floor plans; inscriptions on major sites in Macedonia; duplicate photographs of sites in Macedonia by Slobodan Ćurčić; and fieldwork in BargalaSite and floor plans; inscriptions on major sites in Macedonia; duplicate photographs of sites ...

Miscellaneous duplicate photographs

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-052/055
  • File

Photographs of Fenari Isa Camii, Fethiye Camii, the Pantocrator monastery, Kalenderhane Camii, Kilise Camii, and Hagia Sophia and photographs taken between 1949 and 1973 in other countries; preparatory prints for Hans Belting, Doula Mouriki, and C...

Photographs of Cyprus and Egypt

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-048
  • File

Duplicate photographs of Cyprus (e.g., Asinou, Koutsovendis, Lagoudera, Hagios Neophytos, and Monagri) and Egypt (e.g., icons from Sinai, Baouit, Aswan, sculpture from the Red Monastery, and Coptic textiles).

Photographs of Cyprus and other sites

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-047
  • File

Unidentified mosaics preserved in Berlin; duplicate photographs of Bulgaria (e.g., Preslav, Pliska, and Tarnovo); and fieldwork in Cyprus (e.g., Asinou, Monagri, Kourion, Hagios Neophytos, Koutsovendis, Lythrankomi, and Yialousa).

Duplicate oversize photographs of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-046
  • File

Oversize prints of the Deësis panel; montage of the inscription on the parecclesion in Fethiye Camii; frescoes in the church of Minuta in Scala, Italy; restoration work on the roof of Hagia Sophia in the 1990s; and photographs of the Imperial Pala...

Duplicate photographs of Kariye Camii, Istanbul, Turkey

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-029/030
  • File

Frescoes in the parecclesion of Kariye Camii; preparatory prints for Paul A. Underwood, Kariye Djami, volume 2 (mosaics) and volume 3 (frescoes), 1966; photographs of other sites in Istanbul (e.g., Hippodrome, Sea walls, and Fethiye Camii); uniden...

Miscellaneous photographs

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-009/012/015
  • File

Unsatisfactory prints; preparatory prints for Dumbarton Oaks Papers 32 and Paul A. Underwood, Kariye Djami, volume 4, 1975; duplicate photographs of Hagia Sophia, Kariye Camii, Hagia Eirene, Fethiye Camii, Koca Mustafa Paşa Camii, mosaics in Torce...

Duplicate photographs of Kariye Camii, Istanbul, Turkey

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-004/005/006/007/008
  • File

Interior views; doors; marble revetment, sculpture, brick details, domes, mosaics, wall paintings, and tombs during restoration and cleaning; excavations under the apse; Thomas Whittemore and other workers during restoration; floor plan sketches; ...

Duplicate photographs of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-26-2011-001/002/003
  • File

Exterior views; interior views of the nave, narthex, gallery, and the room over the vestibule; Thomas Whittemore examining roof and bricks details; baptistery; marble revetment and door details before and after cleaning; mosaics in the vestibule, ...

Correspondence, 1966, 1971, 1978

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-03-033
  • File
  • 1966 - 1978

Contains correspondence between Harris and Ernst Kitzinger about Harris's research and her intention to publish, and two (2) letters about the acquisition of her photographs of architectural sculpture from Oxyrhynchos at the Graeco-Roman Museum in...

Photographs of Sculpture in Syria by Cyril Mango, 1976

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-025
  • File
  • 1976

Original envelope title: "Comparative Material / from Syria." Folder contains seven (7) 4" x 5" black and white photographic prints of sculpture in Syria by Cyril Mango. Harris ordered these photographic prints from the Dumbarton Oaks Photograph C...

Harris, Josephine M.

Descriptive Photographic Catalog, ca. 1960s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-036
  • File
  • 1960 - 1969

Original box titles: "2 of 3" and "3 of 3." Box contains four-hundred forty-four (444) note cards with smaller black and white contact prints adhered to them with more detailed notes, which combines the 1953 and 1963 photographs in Boxes 04 and 05...

Bibliographic Citations and 1953 Photographic Catalog, ca. 1953

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-034
  • File
  • 1953

Includes roughly three-hundred (300) 3" x 5" note cards with handwritten bibliographic citations on a variety of topics related to Oxyrhynchos and Coptic art and history. Also contains approximately one-hundred fifty (150) black and white 3" x 5" ...

Photography Portfolios, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-04-037
  • File
  • 1960 - 1969

Contains two (2) 9.5" x 13.5" portfolios. The first portfolio contains fifty-two (52) mounted black and white photographic prints, and one (1) photographic print mounted to the cover of the portfolio. The second portfolio contains thirty-five (35)...

Inventory Notes, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-031
  • File
  • 1950 - 1979

Contains Harris's handwritten inventory notes for keeping track of assigning catalog numbers to the Oxyrhynchos fragments. Included are six-hundred fifty-two (652) 3" x 4" notecards, of which two-hundred sixty (260) are organized by the plate numb...

Photographic Catalog, 1963

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-035
  • File
  • 1963

Original box titles: "Later photos / Illustrations / nos. 1-291" and "Later photos / Illustrations / nos. 292 - 480." Box contains four-hundred forty-four (444) black and white 3" x 5" photographic prints adhered to note cards and are numbered wit...

Unpublished Manuscript, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-029
  • File
  • 1950 - 1979

Contains a typewritten draft of Harris's unpublished manuscript of the Oxyrhynchos sculpture catalog and her research findings, "Coptic Architectural Sculpture from Oxyrhynchos." The unpublished manuscript includes text, endnotes, appendices of th...

Drafts of Concordance Lists, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-02-030
  • File
  • 1950 - 1979

Contains one handwritten and two typewritten lists of the concordance between Harris's catalog numbers (JMH), inventory numbers of the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, Egypt, the 1963 negative numbers, and the "Oxy. Ref." numbers that refer to B...

Photographs of Fogg Museum Objects, Cambridge, MA

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-027
  • File

Contains two (2) 5" x 8" black and white photographic prints depicting two objects in the Fogg Museum: "1975.41.84" and "1975.41.83." These photographs were possibly used for comparison by Harris.

Photographs and Photostats of Oxyrhynchos fragments, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-026
  • File
  • 1950 - 1979

Contains forty-three (43) black and white photographic prints and Photostats ranging in size between 1.5" x 2" and 8" x 10." Most of these images depict fragments included in Harris's catalog, but because they were not photographed by Harris they ...

Photographs of Al Ashmunin, Egypt, 1962

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-019
  • File
  • 1962

Original envelope title: "Hermopolis Magna / For comparative purposes / Taken 1962." Folder contains thirty (30) 5" x 7" black and white photographic prints depicting architectural sculpture from Al Ashmunin, Egypt.

Slide of the Facade of the Duomo di Siena, Italy, ca. 1950s-1970s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-017
  • File
  • 1950 - 1979

Contains one (1) broken color slide that shows the exterior west facade of the Duomo di Siena in Italy. The slide is not dated, but was likely produced in the 1950s-1970s. Folder also contains notes about the other slides in the collection.

Notebook corresponding to the 1976 negatives, 1976

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-007
  • File
  • 1976

Contains lists of negative rolls, frames, and the correlating numbers for the sculpture fragments. Also included are loose notes of additional lists and blue sheets of paper that list the fragments that need to be re-photographed or reexamined by ...

Notes for "Practice" negatives, August 18, 1976

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.007-01-008
  • File
  • 1976

Contains notes referring to one (1) roll of black and white 35 mm negatives (20 frames) used to practice film exposure. The notes document the camera aperture settings.

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