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Correspondence between Giles Constable and Richard Martin Harrison

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-08-264
  • File
  • 1978 - 1982

Relates to the publication of Saraçhane materials and fieldwork at Alakilise in Lycia (Southern Anatolia). Also includes a preliminary report entitled "The Alakilise Valley in Lycia, 1977" by Harrison.

Martin, Richard (Richard Harrison)

Correspondence between Hagia Sophia Museum and Charles Tauss, 1985

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.011-01-01-01-002
  • File
  • 1985

Original folder title: “Kariye Museum 1985.” Folder contains correspondence between Erdem Yücel (Director of the Hagia Sophia Museum), Şinasi Başeğmez, and Tauss, including Yücel’s request for Tauss to continue the conservation work and other plan...

Correspondence between Hagia Sophia Museum and Charles Tauss, 1989

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.011-01-01-01-012
  • File
  • 1989

Original folder title: “Correspondence, re: Kariye Camii and Hagia Sophia conservation work, 1989.” Folder contains correspondence between Cansel Ural, the new director of the Hagia Sophia Museum, Şinasi Başeğmez, and Charles Tauss regarding his r...

Correspondence between John Nicholas Brown and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-185
  • File
  • 1957 - 1959

Relates to financial matters, donations, and information on work progress. Includes inquiries on the material from the Red Sea Monastery expeditions and an offprint of Alexandre Piankoff's article "Les Peintures de la Petite Chapelle au Monstère ...

Thacher, John

Correspondence between Paul Underwood and Seth Gano

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-081
  • File
  • 1951

Includes a draft for the article “Implications of New Evidence on the Structure of Hagia Sophia” by William Emerson and Robert L. Van Nice, April 29, 1946

Gano, Seth Thomas

Correspondence between Paul Underwood and William MacDonald

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-03-062
  • File
  • 1950 - 1953

Relates to the photographs taken in Hagia Sophia and Kariye Camii, problems with the jeep, and the shipment of materials from the Boston office to Dumbarton Oaks

MacDonald, William L. (William Lloyd)

Correspondence between Phyllis Gordon and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-083
  • File
  • 1951 - 1959

Refers to financial contributions to the work of the Byzantine Institute in Istanbul. "Byzantine Institute contributor" refers to an individual (or group) who regularly donated money to the Byzantine Institute for the continuance of fieldwork pro...

Gordon, Phyllis

Correspondence between Robert Van Nice and Meriden Gravure, April 1952-October 1962

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-01-02-235/236
  • File
  • 1952 - 1962

Original folder title, “MERIDEN 1952 to 1962.” Folder contains correspondence between Van Nice and employees of Meriden Gravure, such as Parker B. Allen (president) and Harold Hugo (manager). Topics include the number of test plates, costs, and th...

Meriden Gravure Company

Correspondence between Robert Van Nice and Yavuz Birtürk, April 1962-December 1975

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-01-01-02-123/124/125
  • File
  • 1962 - 1975

Original folder title, “YAVUZ.” Correspondence includes estimates of time and costs for Birtürk’s work on Hagia Sophia. Birtürk took photographs and did drawings and rubbings. Other topics of correspondence include an ongoing issue regarding a pen...

Birturk, Yavuz

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