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Correspondence and Administrative Material, October 1949-January 1980

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-01-01-02-053/054/055
  • File
  • 1949 - 1980

Original folder title, “FILE DOCUMENTS.” Folder contains: memoranda to Giles Constable on the progress of the project; letters confirming Van Nice’s appointments at Dumbarton Oaks; Van Nice’s handwritten notes; and estimates of time and costs to c...

Van Nice, Robert L.

Correspondence between Boris Ermoloff and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-03-067
  • File
  • 1950 - 1955

Relates to the future of the Byzantine Institute Library in Paris. Folder also includes the publication “Thomas Whittemore: Une peinture datée au Monastère de Saint-Antoine” by Alexandre Piankoff.

Thacher, John

Correspondence between John Nicholas Brown and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-185
  • File
  • 1957 - 1959

Relates to financial matters, donations, and information on work progress. Includes inquiries on the material from the Red Sea Monastery expeditions and an offprint of Alexandre Piankoff's article "Les Peintures de la Petite Chapelle au Monstère ...

Thacher, John

Correspondence between Phyllis Gordon and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-083
  • File
  • 1951 - 1959

Refers to financial contributions to the work of the Byzantine Institute in Istanbul. "Byzantine Institute contributor" refers to an individual (or group) who regularly donated money to the Byzantine Institute for the continuance of fieldwork pro...

Gordon, Phyllis

Correspondence between Vasil T. Istavridis and John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-111
  • File
  • 1952 - 1967

Includes two publications in Greek by Vasileios Stavridis of the Holy Theological School of Halki and an offprint “A Short Treatise about the Position of Women in the Orthodox Church”

Stauridēs, Vasileios Th.

Correspondence regarding research and appointments at Dumbarton Oaks

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.005-01-002
  • File
  • 1944 - 1966

Folder includes: a request to lecture and discussion regarding lecture topic; article and publication of life-long appointment as professor of Byzantine Art and Archeology at Dumbarton Oaks in 1946; University statements; a letter outlining future...

Meyendorff, John

Correspondence with John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-123
  • File
  • 1952 - 1954

Relates to the transport of microfilms and a request for clothing for the monasteries in Mount Sinai

Correspondence with John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-147
  • File
  • 1954 - 1966

Includes a letter from Thacher to Fletcher Warren, the U.S. Ambassador in Turkey, introducing Lawrence Majewski as the Deputy Field Director of the Byzantine Institute

Thacher, John

Correspondence with John Thacher

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-132
  • File
  • 1953 - 1968

Includes a proposal to renovate the Monastery of Chilandari at Mount Athos

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