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Buttresses: Exterior, and Piers, ca. 1950s-1960s

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-02-03-03-287
  • File
  • 1950 - 1969

Contains photographs of brick details on the exterior of the buttresses, some credited to Paul Underwood and some to Yavuz Birtürk. Folder includes a note, “COPIES SENT TO R.J.M,” which lists 16 categories of photographs that were probably sent to...

Birturk, Yavuz

Correspondence between Paul Underwood and Seth Gano

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-01-01-04-081
  • File
  • 1951

Includes a draft for the article “Implications of New Evidence on the Structure of Hagia Sophia” by William Emerson and Robert L. Van Nice, April 29, 1946

Gano, Seth Thomas

North Cornice to Salzenberg, Photographs of Hagia Sophia

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-02-03-02-285f
  • File
  • 1935 - 1979

Contains 5” x 7” photographs of views and details in Hagia Sophia, representing the following subjects: - N. CORNICE, GROUND & GALLERY - S. CORNICE, GROUND & GALLERY - NAVE, EXEDRA ARCHES (YAVUZ ’62) - SEMIDOMES E. & W. (BRICKWORK) (YAVUZ PHOTOS) ...

Makridis, Yani

“Final Text (Criticisms)”

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.012-02-01-03-095
  • File

Contains edits and criticism of the outline from Frederick Gardiner Fassett, Phillip Whitting, Ernst Kitzinger, and Paul Underwood

Underwood, Paul A. (Paul Atkins)