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Black And White Photographs of Churches in Mani, Greece, ca. 1958-1972

  • US DcWaDIC PH.BZ.019-01
  • Series
  • 1958 - 1972

The first series contains ninety-three (93) black and white photographic prints mounted to boards with descriptive labels, and one (1) additional loose print. The mounted prints are incorporated into the Black and White Mounted Photograph Collecti...

Color Photographs of Churches in Mani, Greece, ca. 1958-1980

  • US DcWaDIC PH.BZ.019-02
  • Series
  • 1958 - 1980

The second series contains one hundred and five (105) color photographic prints that were made from Eliopoulos’s personal collection of color slides. All photographic prints in this series have been signed by the photographer on the verso.