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Downey, Glanville

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Downey, Glanville

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  • Downey, Robert Emory Glanville
  • Glanville Downey

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Glanville Downey was born on June 14, 1908, in Baltimore, Maryland, and died on December 18, 1991. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Classics at Princeton University in 1931, including his Ph.D. in 1934. In 1936-1940 and 1956-1957, he became a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. At Dumbarton Oaks, Glanville’s appointments include: Assistant Professor of Byzantine Literature (1946-1953), Associate Professor of Byzantine Literature (1953-1955), Professor of Byzantine Literature (1960-1964), and Acting Librarian (after the retirement of George C. Soulis, Librarian and Lecturer in Byzantine History; 1962-1964). He resigned from his position at Dumbarton Oaks on August 31, 1964 to become Professor of History and Classics at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. He retired from his position as Distinguished Professor of History and Classical Studies (appointed on April 18, 1973) in 1978.

Starting in the academic year of 1946-1947, Downey, along with Albert M. Friend, Jr., and Paul Underwood, worked on “the reconstruction [of the church of the Holy Apostles] from literary and comparative architectural evidence [and devoted himself] to the study of the Late Greek architectural terminology.” The following academic year, he “carried the chief responsibility for the new editions of the Acts of Constantine of Rhodes and Nicolas Mesarites, which describe the architecture and the mosaics of the church.” During the 1948 Dumbarton Oaks symposium, “The Church of the Holy Apostles at Constantinople,” Downey presented two papers, “Constantine of Rhodes, Mesarites and other Literary Texts concerning the Holy Apostles” and “The Founder of the Pre-Justinian Church of the Holy Apostles.” In addition to his work on the reconstruction project of the church of the Holy Apostles, Downey focused on Themistius and the History of Antioch (completed in the academic year of 1958-1959).


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