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Scorri soggetti Architectural ornament

Entabulature, detail of apostle, bust

  • MS.BZ.004-03-01-04-015-005
  • Image

From Church of St. Mary Pammakaristos, narthex, housed in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Byzantine Institute, Inc.

Episcopal Basilica Complex at Kourion, Champleve revetment fragments

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-24-005
  • Work
  • 400 - 599

Champleve revetments date from 5th-6th century. The majority of the fragments were found in proximity to the basilica, and some were reused in the pavement of the nearby Sarayia chapel in Episkopi. A selection of the fragments are housed in the Ko...

Black and White Mounted Photograph Collection

  • PH.BZ.001
  • Collezione

The collection includes over 75,000 mounted black and white photographic prints of Byzantine art, architecture, and archaeology, its bulk being from the fourth through the fifteenth century, along with corresponding negatives where available. The ...

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