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Constantine I, Emperor of Rome

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Constantine I, Emperor of Rome

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  • Constantine I, Emperor of Rome

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  • Constantine I the Great

Altre forme del nome

  • Constantine the Great
  • Constantine, the Great
  • Constantine, Saint
  • Saint Constantine the Great
  • Saint Constantine
  • Emperor Constantine I

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  • 337


First Christian emperor and the founder of Constantinople. "Son of Constantius Chlorus and Helena, he was proclaimed as augustus in Britain upon the death of his father. He was subsequently acknowledged as caesar by Galerius and as augustus by Maximian, and his imperial position was confirmed at the Conference of Carnuntum in 308. He defeated Maxentius at the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312, thus becoming sole ruler of the West. Alliance with Licinius turned to hostility, and after victory over his rival at Chrysoupolis in Bithynia in 324 Constantine became ruler of the whole empire. He associated his sons with him as caesars—Crispus (317), Constantine II (317), Constantius II (324), and Constans I (333)—but he remained sole augustus until his death. He had two consorts, Minervina (perhaps a concubine) and Fausta..." -Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium


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US LCNAF n 79055925

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Gregory, Timothy E. and Anthony Cutler, "Constantine I the Great," Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, Oxford University Press, 1991, LCNAF: http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n79055925

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