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Monastery of Saint Anthony, Church of Saint Anthony

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-01-002
  • Work
  • 500 - 1299

In the sixth or seventh century, or even earlier, the chapel, annex, and room west of the annex formed a single structure. By the end of the eighth century the chapel contained a painted arch. The main cycle of murals was executed in two stages in...

Monastery of Saint Paul, landscape, structures, daily life of monks

  • US DcWaDIC MS.BZ.004-03-01-01-003
  • Work
  • 500 - 1930

Originally a hermit's cave that became a late antique shrine and transformed into a monastery by the thirteenth century. Two seperate cycles of frescoes in the Cave Church date to the thirteenth century. The Cave Church was enlarged and partly rep...

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